NSW National Parks and Wildlife have a comprehensive website that provides detailed information about park directions, alerts, facilities, flora and fauna. However, mobile coverage in parks is limited meaning people aren’t able to access relevant information when they need it most – in the park environment.  Nomad was engaged to explore how people could engage with existing NPWS content pre, during and post their park experience to then design and specify a solution ready to hand over for production.  More than just a mobile app version of the website, the solution needed to cater to a users mobile and park specific needs to empower their experiences with the natural world.  The real challenge then was how to deliver relevant content experiences for a diverse range of users through small device and time windows.



Drawing on our Experience and Transformation Economy expertise, our Strategy Phase identified the unique potential of the app to guide transformative change for people by empowering and inspiring with the right content at the right time.  Working offline, the solution needed to provide a holistic presentation of park content and map data.  With over 225 parks in NSW, we designed a solution that allowed users to discover parks basic information and then download “Park Guides” to view offline GPS aware maps and relevant park content including facilities, safety alerts, trails and more.  The app would also alert users as they were nearing their favourite park, to remind them they were about to go offline to download the guide.



Nomad delivered comprehensive Strategy, Design Specification, Functional Specification and Technical Specification ready for NPWS to proceed independently to the Production Stage.  Our strategic vision for the app “Experience Your Nature” informed a broader direction for NPWS beyond the app.  NPWS also used our visual design for the app as the treatment for the TV commercials “Answer the Call”.

Spending 2 weeks deep in a National Park developing a Functional Specification and wire frames was a career highlight” David McGowan, Product Manager, Experience Designer.

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