Try the Emotion version of the tool here – (hit “c” for controls, “e” for emotion camera)

In a collaborative project with Deepend and History Will Be Kind, Nomad was engaged to explore a Creative Technology solution for Flordis and their cognitive health supplement, Keenmind.  Everyone understands the value of maintaining physical health, but when it comes to our minds, cognitive health is poorly understood. Most people lack an understanding of cognitive health and how our brains move through a diverse range of states to achieve our goals through the day. Not surprisingly, people find it difficult to see beyond traditional perspectives like memory and alterness. We needed to show people that their brain was more than an on/off computer. Our minds are constantly moving and adapting to accommodate the environment around us and the tasks at hand. We needed to demonstrate this momentum in real time, without alienating our audience in tech data and jargon. It needed to be visual, creative and immediately informative without the science.

We created the Keenmind Brain Art software, a tool for artistically interpreting brain activity as a unique “fingerprint” of someone’s mind. 
The software draws on a suite of tools to first observe, analyse and then visualise live EEG data.  People are first fitted with an Emotiv Epoc EEG brain scanner to detect the subtle electrical signals created from neuron activity in the brain.  These signals are sent wirelessly to a laptop running Emotiv’s EEG analysis software, allowing us to see changing patterns in peoples data as they change mental activity, energy level and emotion. 
Our Keenmind software draws on the live EEG data to present a moving, fluid visualisation.  To present some context to the changing visual state, the Keenmind Brain Art Software is calibrated to the subjects mental state.  To do this, the software operator guides them through a series of mental and emotional states, training the software to understand what the persons brain activity ‘looks” like in these states.  With the calibration complete, people are able to watch the artwork on screen, change and mellow as they move to a calm state, become more energetic with brighter colours and patterns in smiling and excited states, and see more complexity and depth as they become thoughtful and considered.  In addition to watching the live video style view of the artwork, the Keenmind software also outputs high resolution still images that can be framed as unique and personal artworks.

The Keenmind Brain Art software served as a creative vehicle for the Flordis ATL campaign. The innovation and creativity of the work captured media’s attention, earning valuable reach well beyond the media budget.

Importantly, this projects capitalises on our exploratory work with EEG headsets. Bringing this solution to life presents an internal success in Nomad’s emerging technology research to explore opportunities and limitations and inform creative potential for future client work. A great result for our team and the client!