Converse: Made By Facebook App

Via Creativity Online Design and sell your own Converse. This looks super promising. A new Facebook campaign out of Anomaly adds a new twist to the social shopping experience, for Converse. An extension of Converse’s Create campaign, the Made By Facebook App appears as if it’s going to allow fans to design their own Converse, sell [...]

Via Creativity Online

The end of Facebook Places

Facebook have admitted defeat in the location wars and are retiring Facebook Places.

Is it just me or does it feel like they didn’t really give it a proper chance? I’ve only just got used to the ‘new’ iPhone app with Places in the home screen and come to accept the little paper dart (or whatever it’s supposed to be?) popping up each time I use Facebook mobile. [...]

World of Fourcraft turns Foursquare into city wide game of Risk

Something like this would get me to use Foursquare every minute of every day. via Mashable: World of Fourcraft uses Foursquare and Google Maps APIs to turn New York City into a giant game of Risk. Users decide which team they are on by swearing allegiance to one of New York City’s five boroughs. Checking [...]

BlueFin Labs Links TV Viewing With Social Conversation

PULLING IT IN Bluefin pullsin live TV on satellite dishes and fingerprints it to identify the ads and shows.
Wow. This is seriously awesome:

. . . . . .

CaT Presenter’s Semantic Technology Helps Find 20 Million Influencers Who Are Posting About TV

Imagine for a minute that you could visualize all the media in the world and everything being said about that media — in real time. You would get a picture of engagement with media and its impact, which words and images caused someone to do something — in this case, talk about it online.

Color – “what a great concept! Ok, so how do I…(button press).. wha!? Fail.”

I’ve been checking out a recent iPhone app “Color”. The new app is making waves for a few reasons; • It’s secured $41M in investment • The company paid $350k for the URL • The app is receiving some of the worst reviews and feedback...