Telstra & Mog announce an Aussie-friendly music streaming services

Hot on the heels of the impending Australian launch of Spotify, Mog &Telstra have announced a 320kb music streaming offer that won’t eat into your data allowance. It looks to be a similar strategy to the Spotify/Three business model that worked very well in the UK. Having met with the guys from Spotify Australia last week, I expect big [...]

Bring the noise! Bluebrain’s new album/iPhone app

Location-aware album creates unique listening experience from Springwise Innovations in the music industry continue to come thick and fast. No sooner had we finished our article on DATAROCK’s new USB single, held inside a diamond shaped toy figurine, than we heard about US-based Bluebrain’s latest endeavor. The Washington duo’s new album — The National Mall — will take the form of a location aware app for the iPhone.