Amtrak To Use iPhones As eTicket Scanners

Report via cultofmac by Alex Heath pple’s iPhone is about to be implemented into the American railroad system in a big way. Amtrak, the government agency that oversees the nation’s train services, will be adopting the iPhone as a digital ticket scanner. The 1,700 conductors who currently work for Amtrak have been undergoing training with the [...]

Article: Google wants to serve you ads based on the background noise of your phone call

The patent discusses the technology to analyze the background noise during your phone call and serve up ads for you based on the environmental conditions Google picks up on. Yeah, that’s creepy. While Google isn’t technically “listening” to your calls, meaning there isn’t someone on the other line listening to your conversation, the fact that [...]

‘Couple Up’ For Travel Offers

Here’s an interesting promotional mechanic from Scandinavian Airlines that requires 2 people (couple up to buckle up!) to work together to access special travel deals offered by the airline. Based off the insight that “people book trips when they sit down together”, in order to redeem this offer, you need to be pair up your [...]

Consumers Prefer Mobile, Marketers Prefer Print

With all of the talk about “this is the year of mobile”, it’s a shame to see that marketers still aren’t seeing the potential. Mobile devices now account for 10% of daily media consumption, and yet less than 1% of ad spend goes towards mobile as a channel. On the flip side, print media accounts [...]