Apple Loses Brazilian iPhone Trademark Ruling

image003In a world that has been opened up massivley by technology, the article above shows the irony of how closed it still is. Everyone will agree that planes, phones and the internet have opened the doors to working towards harmonisation, yet the same instruments’ IP are restricted by geographic jurisdition. Currently, the Madrid system is the primary system for registering multiple trademarks in different jurisdictions. The system was derived from the Madrid Agreement (1891) as well as the Madrid protocol (1989) and is administered by the World Intellectuial Property Organisation (WIPO) Initial support for this system had been stagnant as the main trading countries were not a member of this system. By 2004 both the US and EU were members adhering to this protocol and as a result more countries are following the Madrid Protocol. The question is,should it be made easier for companies to register a trademark internationally?

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A camera crew in my pocket.

Meet your new camera crew, the iPhone Swivl. It’s an obedient device that tracks movement via sensor while your iPhone shoots smooth panning video. It tilts up and down and rotates a whole 360 degrees. The Swivl knows who or what you want to film by tracking an easy-to-wear and super compact 3-in-1 sensor. This triple duty gadget acts as a sensor for movement, a microphone for crystal clear audio and a remote for fine-tuned Swivl control. Simply place the sensor on your actor (your BFF, your pup, an RC Helicopter, even yourself) and watch the Swivl keep up!

Easy transfer of pics from iPhone to PC – thankyou Bump

In case you missed it, transferring pics from your iPhone to your PC just got easier with the new Bump update.  Awesome! Also, hats off to a nice app store presence including the optimised screens. Download the app, go to photos and select the ones you want to transfer Then open this page and [...]