Rally The Future Against Cancer – In-car & IoT tech update


I recently went to the Sydney IoT meet up where we heard about Google Glass, robotics in art and making PCBs with fritzing. I used this opportunity to chat to loads of people who were interested in our Shitbox Rally connected car and the types of technology we plan to work with.

Andrew Maggio from Locstep, an IoT consultant working specifically with car diagnostics, has offered his time and services.  He has already provided a wealth of information and has kindly given us access to his ODB2 data emulator to test our setup with.

Thanks to Nick Farrell from Rock 7 Mobile for donating a month’s line rental and credits for our sat link – https://www.rock7mobile.com/

We have planned to present back to IoT Sydney after the rally.

Image: Andrew Kelly trying out Google Glass at the Sydney IoT Meet up.

‘Rally The Future Against Cancer’ is a joint initiative by digital and innovation consultancies Deepend and Nomad as part of the Shitbox Rally, a charity rally to raise money for the Cancer Council of NSW. Deepend and Nomad owners, Matt Griffin and David McGowan, will attempt driving 4,000km across the middle of Australia in a car (a ‘shitbox’) worth less than $1000. Both agencies and staff have joined forces to transform the ‘shitbox’ into a hyper-connected car with emerging technologies to help raise funds for the research and treatment of cancer.

Get behind them, get behind the wheel.

You can donate here: https://shitboxrally2014.everydayhero.com/au/the-internets-shitbox-rally 

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